We are pleased to offer tiered pricing for members based on age brackets. If you join the club after the golf season is well underway, we will gladly prorate your annual membership dues.

New in 2017! 30-Day Trial Membership

Receive unlimited golf, cart and range access for $200 plus tax.  The program will run for 30 days starting the day of sign up.  Access to the Club’s food and beverage facilities is also included as part of the trial membership.  For more information or to sign up, please stop by the Club office or call (715) 423-2230.

Junior Membership

An individual membership for children under 21 years of age or full-time students (up to age 24) and extends junior playing privileges and social privileges to the individual.

Social Membership

A membership extending social privileges to husband, wife and dependent children (up to age 21), as well as full time student children (up to age 24). Minimum food/beverage charges ($250/semi-annually) apply. If you are single, 62 years of age or over the food/beverage charges are ($125/semi-annually).

Business Social Membership

Business dining members are entitled to use the clubhouse dining and beverage facilities. Only those persons designated by the business shall be allowed to charge to the account. The business is responsible for the minimum payment of ($500/semi-annually). All charges will be billed to the business that has responsibility for payment.

Social Membership with 6 Play-Pack

Social Membership with the option of adding 6  rounds of golf. These rounds are pre-paid passes that include the use of a golf cart, and are issued to you when you join Bull’s Eye. There are no play restrictions on the rounds of golf and the passes may be used for guest play.

Associate Memberships

A non-equity golf membership that is entitled to use the clubhouse dining and beverage facilities. Minimum food/beverage charges ($250/semi-annually) apply.

  • Associate Auto Family 21 – 30
  • Associate Auto Family 31 – 41
  • Associate Individual age 42 and over
  • Associate Family age 42 and over

Corporate Memberships

A non-equity golf membership for a corporation which names two members in the beginning of the year. Minimum food/beverage charges ($500/semi-annually) apply.

  • 40 Rounds
  • 55 Rounds
  • 110 Rounds
  • 150 Rounds

Equity Membership

An equity golf membership with voting rights. Minimum food/beverage charges ($250/semi-annually) apply.

  • Regular Individual age 21 – 30
  • Regular Individual age 31 – 41
  • Regular Individual age 42 and over
  • Regular Family age 21 – 30
  • Regular Family age 31 – 41
  • Regular Family age 42 and over
For more information on memberships at Bull’s Eye Country Club, please call the office at 715-423-2230.